Code of Conduct


* Coach must never put the well-being of any player at risk

* Coach has a responsibility to ALL players

* Coach must be aware of bad Language at all times

* Coach must respect ALL officials

* Coach must respect all opposing coaches and players

* Coach must set a good moral and ethical standard for all at all times

* Coach must not show poor behavior or bad sportsmanship at any time

* Coach will not allow dangerous play by his/her players

* Coach will foster a good working relationship with his/her players parents


* Team captains will be respected at all times

* Players must be committed to the team

* Players must always be positive to their teammates and to the opposition

* Players will not use foul or abusive language at any time

* Player must be responsible of all soccer equipment during the season

* Players must be on time to training and games

* Use of alcohol and/or drugs will result in immediate punishment not limited to suspension/expulsion

* Any player found to be fighting or undermining their teammates will face suspension/expulsion, per the club’s discretion


* Parents will treat all players with respect and encourage a "team first" mentality

* Parents will not coach -- or give instructions -- from the sidelines during games or at training

* Post-game evaluations will only be done by the coaching staff; leave the coaching, and game evaluations, to the coaches

* Parents will serve as role models for their child, team, coach and the Club

* Parents will refrain from questioning the referee during games; parents should not engage the referees at all

* Parents will not undermine any players within a team or within the Club

* No alcohol will be allowed on the sidelines, during games or a training, regardless of park or tournament rules

* Parents will create the best environment for ALL players in our Club