Communication Guidelines

We expect our coaches to adhere to GUSC’s Code of Conduct. We also have general guidelines for how coaches communicate with players and parents. Coaches are not to communicate with players and parents individually via social networking sites, cell phones or text on a one-on-one basis. Here are some key Communications Guidelines:
  • Do not email or text players or parents individually (group email and texts only)
  • Do not friend or follow your players on social sites (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Do not engage in prolonged individual email or texting with parents (individual or group)
  • Never use foul, provocative or insensitive language via email or text (individual or group)
  • Understanding that some individual electronic communication is necessary with parents/guardians, be mindful to keep those conversations to a minimum

As it relates to player safety, here are some other items:

  • Never permit players to play on an unknown or unsafe surface.
  • Portable goals should never be left unsecured, climbed on or moved by players.
  • Don’t push the limits with severe weather conditions. Know when to call it a day.
  • Do not neglect minor injuries to players—and don’t assume players will inform their parents about their injuries.
  • Never permit a player’s return to play after significant injury.
  • Do not take short cuts with training, warm-ups, cool-downs to save time.
  • Do not be oblivious to each player’s individual health issues.
  • Never leave the field until all players have left or have been accounted for.
  • Do not take for granted that players will have (or have) appropriate equipment.
  • Never put the importance of the game before the player’s health and well-being.
  • Do not give gifts, special notes or cards to individual players.