Training Field Policy

What Parents, Coaches, & Players Should Know Before Entering A Field...

At GUSC, we preach player development which is centered on creating an environment where each player can accomplish their individual goals and our coaches work hard to structure training session to maximize the time we have with players. We believe that involving parents by communicating our goals and expectations contributes to the creation of a positive environment for our players to develop as players—and good people.

With that, we ask that parents and spectators to stay off the fields or near the fields and training areas prior to and during all training sessions. We ask this for the following reasons:

We minimize distractions - for the coach and players. 

  • Coaches need to fully focus on their players. Utilizing the full space available, allowing the kids to take full responsibility for their training without the scrutiny of parents, and allowing creativity without fear of failure in front of an audience is important for the learning process.
    • Minimize the potential of injury. 
  • Having a crowd gathered near the edge of the training area also creates potential for injury to spectators. We want to make sure that family members aren’t at risk of being hit by stray balls and creating a distance between training sessions and spectators helps minimize that risk.
    • We do encourage all parents to observe training sessions, just from a distance and in the designated areas specified below.

Pearl Henderson Park

  • Observation from behind the fence and parking lot is allowed. (We also appreciate everyone’s compliance with parking in the parking lot—and not alongside the fence—to allow for drop-off and pick-up.)

Martha Rivers Park

  • Observation from the sidewalk, walking trail or parental sidelines (not coaches’ side) is allowed. 

Competitive players arriving at training fields:

  • We ask that all GUSC competitive players walk around the outside of the soccer fields when arriving at their practice location. This will cut back on traffic on certain areas of the fields, minimize disruption of the ongoing practices and help keep all of our players safe.