• 3 practices/week
  • Paid Coaching Staff & Leadership
  • Typically weekend games, weeknight games possible, 50% local, 50% travel up to a few hours
  • Amount of league games determined by state association, typically 7-12 games in fall and spring
  • 4 to 6 tournaments; 2-3 may be out of town requiring hotel stay
  • 2 player evaluations completed by coaching staff
  • Preseason camp

To develop deep technical and tactical skills while enjoying higher levels of competition.


For the 2018-19 season, Classic soccer is available to boys and girls players born in 2008 through 2000.


Club Tryouts are held annually in May.

Supplemental tryouts held in March/April for U15 - U18 Girls.

Supplemental tryouts held in November/December for U15 - U18 Boys.


U11 - U14 players are required to play both Spring and Fall, while U15 - U18 Boys play in the Spring and U15 - U18 Girls play in the Fall. U14 Boys & Girls teams that qualify for Region III play in the Spring, While U15 - U18 Boys & Girls play in the Fall.


Classic soccer is the highest level of competition for U11 - U18 players. Within classic there are multiple levels of play:

  • Region III Premier: Region III teams compete against teams from across the Southeast of the United States.
  • Premier: Premier teams play other top teams from across North Carolina. This is for U14 teams and older.
  • 1st Division: 1st Division teams play other teams from the Western half of North Carolina. 
  • Open Division: This is reserved for U11 - U13 teams. This division is equivalent to 1st division at this age; however, clubs opt-in to play Open or 2nd Division.
  • 2nd Division: 2nd Division teams play other teams from the Western or Piedmont regions within North Carolina.

Teams are promoted and relegated between divisions at the conclusion of each season (Spring or Fall) based on North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) standards.


The coaches are experienced and qualified individuals with USSF or NSCAA coaching licenses. They are required to attend all practices and coach the team on game day.

Teams train three times per week, some as many as four times per week. Practices are focused on improving players technical ability, teamwork, and strategy.
Games are generally played on the weekends. There can be multiple games on a weekend. Playing time is not guaranteed; however, at U11-U12 player development is our main objective. Result oriented soccer becomes progressively more important starting at U13. Teams will participate in tournaments. This could involve traveling to another city or state with overnight stays in a hotel, eating out, and usually at least three soccer games in one weekend.

At U13, teams will be eligible to start competing in State Cup tournaments.


Games and practices are held at venues throughout North Carolina against teams in the same division. Region III teams will travel across the Southeast!


Classic soccer is a greater financial commitment than recreation and youth academy soccer. There are generally three types of fees for Classic - club dues, team dues and uniform fees. Club fees cover items such as team coaches, goalkeeper coaches, Technical Director training sessions, fields and player insurance. Team fees can tournaments, referees and coach travel reimbursement. Financial assistance is available for those who apply and qualify. 

For more information about club fees, click here.

Age Group/Gender Director Email Phone
U11 - 18 Girls David Shearer 704-813-5935
U11 - 18 Boys Vincent Bofah 704-258-6234
Executive Director Jonas Richardson 803-387-3400