Gaston United Soccer Club Programs

Gaston United Soccer Club strives to offer every single player a level that matches their interest, commitment and ability. We also offer a robust scholarship program because we believe no child should be denied the right to play the beautiful game. To learn more about the GUSC Scholarship Program, click here

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For three & four year old players, this is the introductory phase with the goal of developing a solid foundation in movement, body and spatial awareness while refining their motor skills. The curriculum focuses on fun group activities that uses the child’s imagination, engages the child in the activity, developing the critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities through activities in our young learners.

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The objective of Recreation program is to have fun while learning more about the basic skills of soccer (passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting), and sportsmanship; while developing long-lasting friendships with other children and parents. For the 2018 Fall season, Recreation soccer is available to children born in 2007 through 2014. Teams are grouped into divisions based on age. 

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The Youth Academy program is a step up from Recreation in a commitment sense. 

The philosophy is to emphasize player development over team development and focus on the technical development of each child without the pressures of short term wins/losses/results. For the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 season, Youth Academy soccer is available to children born in 2007 through 2011. 

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Challenge soccer is a mid-level youth soccer program designed to fill the competitive gap between the Youth Academy and Classic programs. Players at the Challenge level attend tryouts where their technical and tactical skills are evaluated before being placed on a team. GUSC believes and is committed to the development of players at the Challenge level so they can, if they wish; move on to the Classic level. For the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 season, Challenge soccer is available to children born in 2006 through 2008. 

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The Classic soccer program is the most competitive level of play offered by GUSC. This level of soccer is reserved for the most committed and talented players. Players at the Classic level attend tryouts where their technical and tactical skills are evaluated before being placed on a team. For the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 season, Classic soccer is available to children born in 2000 through 2008. 

If selected to a Classic team, players born 2005 through 2008 teams are required to play both Spring and Fall. Female players on 2000 through 2004 teams play in the Fall, male players on 2000 through 2004 teams play in the Spring. Any player born 2000 through 2004 team that qualify for Region III play will play in both the Spring & Fall. 

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GUSC is proud to be affiliated with the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) Classic League