Micro Program Details

Gaston United's goal is to create a solid foundation for the development of the youth soccer player beginning with the three and four year olds. Micro Soccer focuses on three aspects of youth soccer: the parent, coach and player. The program includes an age-appropriate curriculum for the players, as well as resources for coaches and parents. The curriculum for the three and four year olds is based on children learning the foundation of movement. Before a child can be successful with movements with a soccer ball, a child needs to develop body and spatial awareness and refine their emerging motor skills. The curriculum focuses on fun group activities that uses the child’s imagination, engages the child in the activity, developing the critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities through activities in our young learners. Together, we hope that we can create a learning environment to ensure our young soccer players are developing to their full potential. 

There are 2 programs scheduled for the fall. 

  • Tuesdays: Sep 5th - Nov 14th, 6-7pm at Pearl Henderson Park
  • Thursdays: Sep 7th - Nov 16th, 6-7pm at Pearl Henderson Park 

**Register for the final 6 weeks for only $25**

2018 Spring Programs

We currently have 2 days scheduled for the spring with Coach Rob. We are looking to add additional dates and locations, if you or someone you know would be interested in leading a Micro program please get in touch. We will provide all necessary equipment, lesson plans and training!

  • Tuesdays: Feb 27th - May 8th, 6-7pm at Pearl Henderson Park
  • Thursdays: Mar 1st - May 8th, 6-7pm at Pearl Henderson Park 

Each program is 11 weeks for $45 or register for both dates for $80. 

For questions, email Jason Bailey or call 203-247-2142.