Academy Director Ready for the New Season

Dear Parents:

I am excited to get this season started and see what we can do! Thanks for letting Gaston United Soccer Club coach your player this fall; it is a real privilege.

During the first few weeks we will be shaping squads together. After the coaching staff and I have evaluated the players, we will start connecting coaches/players/parents/team managers together as a unit. Once teams are formed, they will stay pretty much the same for the season. We will, however, constantly evaluate players, and move players to different teams depending on many variables (development, attitude, hard work, etc.).


Communication Lines

  • Player and Parent to Coach and Academy Director
  • Parent/Coach/Academy Director to Board Member (Please do not jump the chain of command.)
  • Attendance: Be early to training. We start on time, we end on time. Games are even more important, coaches will communicate how early they want players to be ready for warmups.
  • Your schoolwork: Academics comes first -- so please plan accordingly to do both. Players/parent should contact their coach if they are missing training.
  • Equipment: Players bring a size 4 ball to training, water, shin guards, and boots. All players must wear the blue training T-shirt (available for purchase at the Gaston United Office).
  • Code of Conduct: Parents and players must sign the Code of Conduct and give to your Team Manager.
  • The Academy will promote development by utilizing pool, individual and team training. We will break up into groups/teams based on level and ability to best serve the individual needs of each child.
  • We will create a learning environment at practice and games where players are allowed to make mistakes and exhibit creativity, without repercussions.
  • Coaches will utilize small-sided games to help paint the picture for deeper understanding.
  • Youth Academy games schedules will generally come out more than 2 weeks prior.