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Gaston United Soccer Club is proud to be a part of Gaston County working in conjunction with the city of Gastonia. Since our start, we have continued to build a program that is not just for the community, but community run. So thank you for choosing to learn more about us and seeing how you can become a part of our club!

  • 1 practice / week
  • Volunteer coach
  • Friday night games, about 10 games during fall season and 10 games during spring season

To have fun while learning more about the basic skills of soccer (passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting) and sportsmanship, while developing long-lasting friendships with other children and parents.


Recreational soccer is generally available to children ages U5 – U15. For a more in-depth explanation of how we go about assigning kids to age groups and why, click here.


Teams at each age are selected via a draft system with a focus on keeping teams equal across an age group.


Typically, there is a Fall season and a separate Spring season. Players are free to sign-up for the Fall season, the Spring season or both seasons. 


The competitive level is low, with a focus on teaching certain basic skills and sportsmanship. While scores/wins & losses might be kept, the focus is clearly on developing a love for the beautiful game.


Recreational coaches are generally parents who volunteer to coach. Most will have some soccer knowledge with some having coaching licenses. Others do not have soccer coaching experience, but are eager to learn and teach soccer. As volunteers, they do the best they can and should be congratulated for volunteering to teach your child.

If you are open to becoming a volunteer or coach, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to our Recreation Coordinator for more information as well as positions we are attempting to fill. 

Practices and/or training sessions are generally held once per week with a focus on developing core soccer skills (dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting). While positional play might be taught (example goalkeeping, defending), it is kept to a minimum.
There is generally one game per week contingent upon the recreation organization. All games are played against other teams within the same organization or, in some older age groups, against other recreational teams in the area. All games will be on Friday night.
All games are held at George Poston Park. 

The least expensive of the levels of play.

Our recreation program costs $125 for the fall & spring seasons or $85 for one season. If a family has more than one child in the Recreation program, the first child will pay $85 and each additional child will pay $75. Parents who volunteer as coaches will also receive a discount on their child's registration fee.


Please contact our Recreation Coordinator if you have any questions. 

Jenny Holder