Youth Academy Mission Statement

The Academy program will introduce, develop, and educate young players.


The Youth Academy program will introduce, develop and educate young players in the game of soccer. We will assist in the development of players by bringing out their inner passion for the game. We will teach the players to enjoy the game from an early age, in the hope that they will stay involved in the game as a spectator, parent, coach, referee, volunteer, or play recreationally.

The Youth Academy program will provide a safe, enjoyable training and learning environment for each player. The training will be based around the technical fundamentals of soccer and the curriculum will be made up of age appropriate activities that are based around the USSF National Youth License, USYSA, and UEFA programs.


To assist in developing the participation, quality, and enjoyment of soccer in our academy, we will provide players with: 

  • Quality training
  • A safe and professional training environment
  • The chance to play soccer with similar skilled players

The Academy curriculum will teach the fundamentals of technical play in the game of soccer. We will also use warm ups to develop our players with speed, agility, and quickness though fun games and activities. We will build our sessions around the US National Youth License.


The concept of the GUSC Academy Training Curriculum is to build learning blocks around the specific technical elements of soccer and the training needs and demands of the player. The training will be age specific and the activities in the training will be tailored to the learning and technical abilities of the player.


The GUSC Curriculum will be based on an annual program that will be conducted in 4 week cycles. The curriculum will be reviewed following the completion of each season to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the players.


The success of the Academy Curriculum will be measured by the:

  • amount of players retained
  • amount of players introduced
  • amount of players who progress to competitive soccer
  • amount of players who progress to older recreation soccer

The following techniques and skills will be developed through fun and challenging soccer practices:

  • Running with the ball
  • Turning with the ball
  • Dribbling, moves and fakes with the ball
  • Shooting the ball
  • Passing and receiving the ball