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GUSC’s Youth Academy program is designed to teach the fundamentals of soccer which are absolutely necessary to fully enjoy and compete in "the beautiful game." These skills are best learned by providing clear examples and repetitions, which require proper instruction to master the skills.

The program will serve as an instructional program for players ages 7-12 who are seeking a more structured environment and a higher level of commitment and competition. All Youth Academy training sessions will focus on the technical skills needed to build the foundation to succeed at the higher levels.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jason Bailey, 203-247-2142,

  • 2 practices / week
  • Paid coaching staff
  • Youth Academy Director has U.S. Soccer Federation's National Youth Coaching License
  • Games Saturday morning through mid-day, about 12 weekends during fall season and 14 weekends during spring season

The Youth Academy program will introduce, develop and educate young players in the game of soccer. We will assist in the development of players by bringing out their inner passion for the game. We will teach the players to enjoy the game from an early age, in the hope that they will stay involved in the game as a spectator, parent, coach, referee, volunteer, or play recreationally.


For the Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 season, Youth Academy soccer is available to born in the years 2006-2010. For a more in-depth explanation of how we go about assigning kids to age groups and why, click here.


The Youth Academy Director will have at a minimum, the USSF National Youth License and USSF C License. The coaching staff will attain the USSF F License and will be encouraged to further their coaching education, with 2 years given to earn the next license. 


The Youth Academy program is both fall and spring seasons. 


While the competitive level is a step up from Recreation, the emphasis is on developing the players technical ability within the team setting, rather than focusing on the results of the match. We do not record scores or standings and work with like minded Youth Academy programs to schedule games between groups of similar ability levels. 

The Youth Academy programs bridges the gap from Recreation and Classic, so teams will attend end of season tournaments to build that competitive fire. 


The Youth Academy program training sessions are 75 minutes, twice per week. The focus of training is developing the players technical ability, therefore, the majority of training will be done in small-sided numbers: 1v1, 1v2, 2v1, 2v2. 


Games are scheduled for Saturday mornings, typically starting as early as 8:30am and finishing around 3pm. The schedule is distributed as early as possible, typically no less than 2 weeks in advance. Most weekends, players will be scheduled for 1 game. If we play an away game, we will request 2 games to make it worth the commute.

The Youth Academy program will attend a local tournament at the end the fall season and the GUSC tournament in the spring. 
The Youth Academy Director strives to schedule 2/3 of play dates in Gastonia, with the away play dates being up to an hour away. 

For the 2017-18 season, the total cost is roughly $670. This is broken down into 3 categories: 

  • $445 Club Dues - this covers coaching, fields, insurance and administration
  • $150 Team Due - this covers referees and tournaments
  • $74 Uniform Package - 2 jerseys, 1 short, 1 training shirt, 1 pair of socks

Please contact our Youth Academy Director if you have any questions.

Jason Bailey - - 203-247-2142

For additional information, read the Youth Academy Mission Statement.