College Signing Day

Date Posted: 2/8/2018

Longtime GUSC players sign their National Letter of Intent to play in college

“Be confident in your soccer abilities. Hard work speaks for itself. Practice, practice, practice and work to be the best you can be and things will work themselves out.” Sounds like a speech from a parent or your soccer coach, right? Nope! That’s Lexy Webb – as a high school senior on her way to college -- talking to her 12-year-old self.

Gaston United caught up with Lexy to talk about her journey, and about her next phase as a collegiate student and athlete.

GUSC: Are you excited to be ending your club career and beginning the next chapter of your soccer life at Greensboro College?
Lexy: Absolutely. I’m looking forward to it. I think I am going to major in a career for Physical Therapy, and definitely plan to play soccer.

GUSC: The process of finding a college is scary for a lot of kids your age, and parents too. How’d you end up at Greensboro College?
Lexy: I attended a soccer ID camp at Greensboro; other colleges were at there as well. At the ID camp, I got offered to play soccer for them – after they saw me play. I loved the school as well as the soccer coach, so I accepted. My goal is to play there for four years.

GUSC: What will you miss about Gaston United and club soccer?
Lexy: I will miss the teammates I have played club soccer with -- as well as the weekend tournaments. I played for boys in Gaston County -- the Hurricanes and Gaston United – so I have many friends in the area. I played for the Hurricanes from age 11 to 13 and for GUSC from age 13 to age 17. 

GUSC: If you had the opportunity to do one thing over again, what would it be?
Lexy: I would go back and not have worried so much about what people who didn't really matter thought and I would have put myself out there more than I did at the start of high school. 

GUSC: How would you characterize your experience with the club?
Lexy: I have had a great overall experience at GUSC. I have gone through many different coaches, which sucked because they were all great coaches. Each coach helped to better my confidence and skills as a player. I would recommend Gaston United to an upcoming player because it really does help better you as a player as well as the fact that the club continues to look for ways to get better. And for the simple fact that I think it is just fun if you are dedicated.

GUSC: What are your goals at college – as a student and as an athlete?
Lexy: In college, I want to make life-long friends and great grades. I want to come out of college being ready to go into a career. I want to make good relationships with my professors. I would like to get great play time as well as start on the soccer team. I want to make a great bond with my teammates as well as become better player and set records as a school. I want to come out of college being proud of my experience.



Emma Shearer commits to North Greenville University

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” parents will say. That cliché doesn’t always make sense to kids – particularly athletes who have to train two, three, sometimes four nights a week plus weekend games, all in the name of “getting to the next level.” Emma Shearer is the latest athlete to whom that cliché means something; the 17-year-old who will be attending North Greenville University in the fall will be hanging up her club boots, and heading off to college.

For Emma, the ending of this chapter – and the beginning of a new one – is bitter, and sweet. “Ever since I can remember, my mom was driving me to practices and giving me pep talks,” said Emma, who started playing soccer at age 6 at Gaston United. “She was encouraging me whether I had a good game or bad game. She bought extra cleats when I forgot mine at home, stood in the rain, sleet, or snow, just to watch me play and never failed to scream as I was getting out of the car for practice to ‘have fun!’ ”

GUSC: You will be attending North Greenville University for the fall; what will you major in?
Emma: I will be majoring in Psychology and minoring in Linguistics to get a Master’s in Speech Pathology. 

GUSC: Are you excited to play soccer at the collegiate level – and how’d you end up there?
Emma: Absolutely. I visited many schools and decided to go to North Greenville’s one-day ID camp. I felt that it was very successful so I spoke with the coach afterwards. After many emails, he decided to come watch me play in a few club games. He then began actively recruiting me. I was getting some offers from other colleges but decided after an official visit to campus that North Greenville is where I wanted to be.

GUSC: What will you miss about club soccer?
Emma: I will miss the practices and games but most of all I will miss the friends I have made throughout all these years – the teammates I have struggled with, laughed with, lost and won with. They were the best. Shoutout to Ally Adams!

GUSC: You started playing at Gaston United when you were 5, but later played for another club. Tell us about process?
Emma: Yes … I started playing for Gaston United when I was 5, then went to Charlotte Soccer Academy – playing there from U12-U16. I then came back to Gaston United for my last two years of club.

GUSC: If you could give your 12-year-old self some advice about soccer and the future, what would you tell yourself?
Emma: I would tell my 12-year-old self to enjoy every moment. Every long practice -- whether in the rain or snow, every sprint, tournament, car ride, and game - because before you know it, you're gonna be signing your national letter of intent, hopefully, wondering where time went.

GUSC: If you had the opportunity to do ONE THING over again, what would it be?
Emma: As a competitive player, if I could do one thing over again It would be to work harder and train more. Because in the end it's worth it.

GUSC: Gaston United has grown over the years. Like all clubs, it’s had challenges and other changes. How would you describe your experience at GUSC, and would you recommend Gaston United to up-and-coming female soccer player?
Emma: Gaston United is a close-knit family with coaches who care. I would recommend Gaston united to up-and-coming female soccer players because through all the years of challenges and changes in leadership, there's been one constant in my life and the girls program: Dave Shearer. If you get the chance to have him as a coach at GUSC, take it. You will never find a more experienced coach, more caring teacher, or harder worker. He also helped me get recruited to make my college dreams come true.

GUSC: What are your goals at college – soccer goals and academic goals?
Emma: My soccer goals for college are to be part of the starting 11 next fall. I hope to help the team win a championship, make tons of new friends through the athletic program, and even possibly be a captain within my four years.

GUSC: Last question – you had your dad as your coach for a lot of years. How hard was that?
Emma: Yup -- my dad is Coach Shearer. He has coached soccer in the Gastonia area for over 15 years. At an early age, I had to make sure to call my daddy, “Coach” at practice. And he's been the best one I know I will ever have. As much as I hate to say it, he has taught me everything I know and it’s only because of him did I get to where I am today. Mom and Dad -- I love you, thank you for everything, and I can’t wait to be a part of the NGU family.