Player of the Month

Date Posted: 4/10/2018

The next Player of the Month is being recognized for excellence with the ball. Maxi brings a positive influence to every training session and game by installing controlling the ball, keeping his head up and using the ball intelligently to involve his teammates. Maxi is a long term member of Gaston United, first joining our club through the Recreation program as a 5 year old. 

In addition to being a great player and teammate, Maxi is really good at math and enjoys history class, where he attends 3rd Grade at Robinson Elementary. When Maxi is not on the field during his free time, he enjoys playing PlayStation 4 with his friends David and Santiago and recording videos with his older brother Xavi. Xavi has served as a role model for Maxi, as he is able to play against his older brother and watch his matches to learn more. Both boys were named after great players, soccer is clearly a family passion!

Maxi thinks of himself as a creator with his favorite player being a brilliant playmaker, James Rodriquez, the #10 for the Colombian National team and currently a player with Bayern Munich. Wherever James goes, Maxi supports him, so Bayern Munich are currently Maxi's favorite club. While Maxi does have great vision and ability to break down tough defenses, Maxi has identified long passes and shooting as areas he would like to improve. 

Maxi's mother enjoys watching him "share the ball and make beautiful passes setting his teammates up to score. But most of all, I enjoys watching how much fun he has any time he is on the field." Maxi's father says, "I enjoy watching the subtle little things that shows he is progressing. Checking his shoulder, finding space, switching fields, but nothing makes him happier than to see Maxi set up a teammate for a goal." What a family!

Maxi's parents add, "We want to thank all the coaches who have guided Maxi for the last 2 years in the academy. He has learned a lot and we feel he has taken something in from each one that will continue to help him for years to come. However, we be remiss if we did not point to John Kelly for special mention. Despite John’s love for Liverpool, we feel he has been a great influence on our boy. We feel extremely lucky to have had Coach Kelly share his knowledge and love of the game during Maxi’s 3 years with him in Recreation and Academy."